Journaling ...

nIt is September 2017.  I am finishing up EPs that feature the ukulele, banjo, sitar and mandolin.
I am also getting set to release the long-delayed Choices, which features ten very personal tracks, including "A Part," "PureLove," "Christmas Morning" and "The Brightest Star," which I have been recently been playing live at The Grandview Market.  A marked departure from THANK GOD FOR YOUR MOTHER, most of which was written on acoustic guitar, and REALIA, which is all electronic, CHOICES is a piano-driven collection that details the highs and lows of being in a euphoric yet tumultuous relationship.
October 2017: The release of CHOICES is happening this month!  I'm finishing up my GVM shows for the year, with only a few more to go, the next being on Sunday, October 15 at 6pm.
January 2018: A new year.  November and December, I found myself working on new songs and finishing up recordings that will be released this year and next.  I have bimonthly shows planned at The Grandview Market at 6pm, and I am preparing the next Striking Ghosts release, 12 VISIONS, for this spring.  While in Hawaii running the 45th Annual Honolulu Marathon, I wrote five songs on my ukulele and guitar, which I will be releasing as an EP at some point as well as the iphonep, four songs I created with my newly acquired device that I had never tried composing on in the past.
February 2018: CHOICES has been released!  Still playing bimonthly shows at The Grandview Market and recording new music to come out this year.  Up next is a guitar/piano/electronic album called 12 VISIONS.
July 2018: 12 VISIONS is pending release, and when it finally "drops," I will be posting some news on this, my official website.  There's a lot happening ...
October 2018: 12 VISIONS is available!  I'm hoping to release other albums that are done VERY soon, to catch up with myself, in a way.  For now, I'm promoting 12 Visions with one more show for 2018 at The Grandview Market in Mar Vista on October 28th.  I have two official videos up this month for past singles, "Find Me" and also "Childhood," and I am hoping to release a live version of "Stayed" from REALIA very soon.