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It is September 2017.  I am finishing up EPs that feature the ukulele, banjo, sitar and mandolin.
I am also getting set to release the long-delayed Choices, which features ten very personal tracks, including "A Part," "PureLove," "Christmas Morning" and "The Brightest Star," which I have been recently been playing live at The Grandview Market.  A marked departure from THANK GOD FOR YOUR MOTHER, most of which was written on acoustic guitar, and REALIA, which is all electronic, CHOICES is a piano-driven collection that details the highs and lows of being in a euphoric yet tumultuous relationship.
October 2017: The release of CHOICES is happening this month!  I'm finishing up my GVM shows for the year, with only a few more to go, the next being on Sunday, October 15 at 6pm.
January 2018: A new year.  November and December, I found myself working on new songs and finishing up recordings that will be released this year and next.  I have bimonthly shows planned at The Grandview Market at 6pm, and I am preparing the next Striking Ghosts release, 12 VISIONS, for this spring.  While in Hawaii running the 45th Annual Honolulu Marathon, I wrote five songs on my ukulele and guitar, which I will be releasing as an EP at some point as well as the iphonep, four songs I created with my newly acquired device that I had never tried composing on in the past.
February 2018: CHOICES has been released!  Still playing bimonthly shows at The Grandview Market and recording new music to come out this year.  Up next is a guitar/piano/electronic album called 12 VISIONS.
July 2018: 12 VISIONS is pending release, and when it finally "drops," I will be posting some news on this, my official website.  There's a lot happening ...
October 2018: 12 VISIONS is available!  I'm hoping to release other albums that are done VERY soon, to catch up with myself, in a way.  For now, I'm promoting 12 Visions with one more show for 2018 at The Grandview Market in Mar Vista on October 28th.  I have two official videos up this month for past singles, "Find Me" and also "Childhood," and I am hoping to release a live version of "Stayed" from REALIA very soon. 
October 2019: As of this month, there are now EIGHT Striking Ghosts releases available online, and more than NINETY videos on my YouTube channel.  Finishing up some recording and doing some planning for album releases and playing shows in the new year.  Also looking fo representation and to possibly be an opening act. 
April 2020:
It's been a crazy, insane, mind-boggling two months.  For all of us.  The storm started for me on Friday, March 13.  Since then, I've polished up final mixes on a few albums awaiting release.  I've also written "Corona" and "The New Normal" during this quarantine.  Between my last post and now, I wrote a bunch of songs in Egypt, and I'm looking forward to recording some of them this summer for an album called IN THE BLACK LAND.  Obviously, performing live has come to a standstill, but I'm going to do some videos this week and the next two weeks, and hopefully after that, this confinement will cease ...
July 2020:
With a total of ten new original songs spread out over three EPs (including the aforementioned above), it's an exciting time as I also send out to record labels in search of just finding one to take me to the next level in my career.  I've been recording a lot during this COVID-19 time and am gearing up to record two more albums before year's end: one dating back to songs written in 2005 during my first trip to Europe, and then the songs I wrote in Egypt last year and early this year.
AUGUST 2020:
Now that E.P.edemic is out, I'm promoting EPedemic - The Second Wave, which features my "jobless" song, "planZ."  There's also "Life in Quarantine" and a song for my love for our celebration on May 2nd of this year, "Anniversary Song."  I've also included stripped-down versions of all three songs with the EP.  Next up I'll be promoting E.P.edemic 3 Finger Salute!
E.P.edemic has been available and also EPedemic - The Second Wave.  Now, I've finally officially released E.P.edemic 3 Finger Salute.  It's great to have a total of ten new "standard" Striking Ghosts songs out there in the Interworld.  I'm planning on some more new music coming out for the rest of 2020.  I've also been putting out notices to labels to see if I can get some representation to help promote my music.  I'm good with making the music and also with producing very simple, "no-budget" videos, but I need to get more people to be aware it's out there and get more articles up on music sites; I believe a label could do that for me ...
Now that the E.P.edemic Trilogy has been released, I've also put out LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES, which showcases 32 songs on six different ethnic instruments.  Also out soon are the following EPs: N.Y.E.P., the UKEE.P. and the Waikiki E.P.  14 songs in total, the first was written during a trip to New York while the middle EP was written when first discovering the joys of the uke.  The last was written in Oahu as I was there for a marathon.
I also just released the singles "Vote HARD" and "1983" before I gear up for some more releases before the end of the year!
What an absolutely manic year.  With 23 days to go, I have to reflect back on the positive that has personally come out of it.  I hope some has for you as well.  Yes, admittedly, there's been a lot of tragedy ... that's undeniable.  However, the opportunity really opened up to do personal work on ourselves or to dive deep into hobbies and passions.  I was able to release three EPs this year that dealt with the epedemic; I also released three MORE EPs featuring songs written in New York, Hawaiia and others written on the ukulele; I released my album of "ethnic instruments," LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES; I released an album of songs written in Florida; FROM A STATE OF FLOWERS; I also released six singles:
"Hey Looter"
"Vote HARD"
"Halloween (cover of the theme song)"
"Ur Ur Vote"
"Chocolate Wasted (original mix)"
And, last but not least, a covers album of Depeche Mode's VIOLATOR.  I'd say that's a reasonable amount!  I also have done a LOT of recording this year - I've finished quite a few projects, including the artwork, and most recently I finished my album of songs I wrote in Europe, PLUS a new album and then the songs I wrote in Egypt last year (separate from the completed "Egypt" album IN THE BLACK LAND).  It's definitely helped in giving structure to my life at this time and in staving off depression and the uncertainty of what the future holds ...!
January 2021:
In terms of the news, we're off to a roaring start.  A few days before "The Insurrection brought on by the Election," I wrote a song called "King without a Kingdom," and as I was penning the verses, I realized it was more and more about the person who only has a few more days in office.  The lyrics for that new song ring oh so true right now.
I'm holding back on releasing any new music just yet as I want to keep putting the word out about some of the music from 2020; namely, my EPedemic Trilogy, the EPs NYep, UKEp and Waikiki EP and the album From a State of Flowers.  Believe me, I wish I could perform some of these tracks live right now, but that's tnot the way the world is working at this time.  I am super excited about what I do plan on releasing this year,but that will come a little later.  I'm going to do a hard push to look for a label for the time being that I need simply to promote me, as I've got the music and artwork and all of that done ... now I just need to find a team that believes in me ....