Live in Mar Vista, every other Sunday at 6pm

The Grandview Market residency continues into 2017.  Striking Ghosts has been performing songs from Fir ST E.P. (featuring "Tell Me a Lie" and "I Want to Be Your Lover"), THANK GOD FOR OUR MOTHER ( with "Find Me," "Mistake," "Slow Down" and "Deep Inside"), OCTAGON (which has "Childhood" and "Stuck at the Bottom") and most recently, the electronic album REALIA.

Current shows include songs from the fourth official Striking Ghosts album, 12 VISIONS, which features "Evan," "Not Enough Glue," "We All Cry," "Down the Drain," "Famous for Nothing" and "Better Things," among six other acoustic, keyboard and dance tracks.

Performing at the Grandview Market every other Sunday!