The Studio Albums

The six official studio albums thus far are THANK GOD FOR YOUR MOTHER, the electronic REALIA, the piano-driven CHOICES, the eclectic 12 VISIONS and the more experimental HOPE and ELIXIR.

THANK GOD FOR YOUR MOTHER is the debut album by Striking Ghosts, containing 10 tracks of electronic/acoustic original songs and the singles "FInd Me," "Mistake," "Slow Down" and Deep Inside." 

REALIA is the second official album by Striking Ghosts.  An all-electronic departure from the first, it also contains 10 tracks and includes "Hey!," "Cinematic," "Oceanic," "CLUB," and "Stayed."

CHOICES is "relationship concept album," recorded solely on a gifted keyboard.  It inclues the singles "A Part," "Christmas Morning," "The Brightest Star" and "PureLove."

12 VISIONS is a "4/4/4" album - four songs originally written on the piano keyboard, another four on the guitar and the last four written for the dance floor.  The themes are various - a song about a friend with cerebral palsy; about my mother's friendship with a work colleague; losing things in one's life; bitterness and anger over a break-up; total sacrifice in an obsession; celebrity mishaps; "empty" fame; and using one's time on Earth to do good.  The dance tracks "Run NOW," "Indigo," "Chocolate Wasted" and "Jesus Is My DJ" rely on more experimentation but are just as pithy.

HOPE contains mostly instrumental tracks created when first discovering the joys of the Mac and GarageBand.  ELIXIR continues that exploration and expansion but incorporates some elements from REALIA to make it a dance-driven and also lyrical journey.

Featured at the top of this page is the VIRAL TRILOGY, inspired mostly by COVID-19 and written from many different perspectives of how this whole situation/crisis/circumstance can be perceived.  

LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES features different ethnic instruments; it is a mostly instrumental album.  A series of EPs was released afterwards - songs written in New York, songs written on the ukulele and songs written on the ukulele while on the island of Oahu.  

To celebrate Depeche Mode's seventh-album 30th anniversary, and inspired by the Fruit Bats' covering of The Smashing Pumpkins' SIAMESE DREAM, I also released VIOLATOR on streaming services.

FROM A STATE OF FLOWERS features songs written some time ago while traveling to Miami with my mother.


Fir ST E.P.

Thank God for Your Mother

Octagon - B-Sides and Outtakes from TGfYM



12 Visions




EPedemic - The Second Wave

E.P.edemic 3 Finger Salute

Live and Active Cultures



Waikiki E.P.

VIOLATOR(Depeche Mode covers album)

From a State of Flowers