"Into the darkness to find the light ..."

American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist E. Davis is Striking Ghosts, a one-person project he started in 2001.  Performing live in the Los Angeles area, he has released Fir ST E.P., Thank God for Your Mother, Octagon: the TGfYM B-Sides and Outtakes, REALIA, the relationship album Choices, 12 Visions, and the dance/experimental albums Hope and Elixir, with various videos on his Youtube channel. In the summer of 2020 he released the "viral trilogy:" 


Featuring "Corona,""The New Normal" and "Bandits"

EPedemic - The Second Wave

Featuring "planZ,""Life in Quarantine," and "Anniversary Song"

E.P.edemic 3 Finger Salute

Featuring "Ever Again,""Mysophobia,""The Nurse" and "Optimistic"

And - with so much time on his hands - Striking Ghosts also released Live and Active Cultures, a series of EPs (NYep, UKEp, and Waikiki EP), a few singles ("Hey Looter," "Vote Hard," "U R Ur Vote," "1983," "Christmas Eve") and an album covering all of the songs from Depeche Mode's epic album VIOLATOR.  He was also able to release From a State of Flowers, a collection of songs written in Florida.